Educational and Culinary Training for U.S. retailers

As part of the Italian Trade Agency's continuing efforts to increase the knowledge and raise the consumption of "Authentic Italian" food and wine products in the United States, the ITA has been making available to its U.S. Retail Partners Educational and Culinary Trainings focused on Authentic Italian products.

The ITA strongly believes in the importance of making retailers and consumers fully aware of the difference between Authentic Italian and Italian Sounding products.

The Training is a unique opportunity as provides the retailer with additional support and valuable information to enhance the promotion of Authentic Italian products.

In order to offer training programs performed at the highest level, ITA has partnered with ALMA’s Academy, the world’s leading International School for Italian food and beverage, whose chefs develop customized training programs to fulfill retailer's needs.

The training aims to expand the awareness and the knowledge of Authentic Italian Food among the retailer's staff and reinforce the concept of Authenticity.