The Extraordinary Italian Taste

2019 promotions

Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has made great steps in terms of educating, and ultimately driving the purchase of authentic Italian products. While retailers are working tirelessly to innovate and adopt new technologies to promote positive consumer interaction in-store and online, the push for a quality product is ever present.

During 2019, the ITA Chicago office has reinforced partnerships with a selected number of US retailers to promote and educate the concept of Authenic Italian utilizing mediums from in-store and online to mobile, social media and e-commerce channels with the sole program aim of highlighting the quality, value and allure of Authentic Italian products.

Below are snapshots of our retail partners’ featured Authentic Italian promotions in the indicated number of stores:

H.E.B. Mexico (50 stores) - HY-VEE (245 stores) - SCHNUCK’S (100 stores) - ROUSES (63 stores)

Rouses 2019

Hy-Vee 2019

HEB Mexico 2019

Schnucks 2019