Advanced Manufacturing Conference 2018

The United States invests in technology with strategic initiatives such as the Italy-US Advanced Manufacturing Conference 2018, aimed at bringing the country back into a leading position in the manufacturing sector; therefore, new opportunities are opening up for companies supplying machinery and equipment with a high level of innovation. Italian Trade Agency aims to multiply these opportunities, supporting the Italian offer and encouraging the meeting between the players of this process in the intiative "Innovation Days" , which will touch important industrial clusters here within the United States between June 2018 and January 2019.

The Innovation Days program is comprised of five individual sector initiatives which will be followed by an institutional event in early 2019. Each Innovation Day will include various elements appropriate per the sector, including but not limited to on-site visits and bilateral meetings. In this format, the program is a followup to the partnership first developed in 2015 by the Agency with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Each Innovation Day has as its aim, one of identifying and spreading practices and strategies useful for strengthening the competitiveness of the Italian offer here in the US in providing US companies with the latest in Italian technology and machinery.

On February 21, 2018 the Innovation Day program was launched in Milan with the "Italy-US Advanced Manufacturing Conference", an event that brought together on the US side, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Science Foundation,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Purdue University, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon and ARM, the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, while on the Italian side, leading Italian machinery manufacturers assocations along with the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin. The Italian Trade Agency organzied this event under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Development. Prior to and immediately after, the US representatives where taken on tours of the advanced manufacturing facilities of both the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin, both concluding with meetings with their respective Italian counterparts.