The Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Ministry for Economic Development have approved a Global Startup Program for training and promoting Italian startups abroad.

The program consists of an integrated course, both in Italy and abroad, reserved for up to 120 Italian start-ups engaged in the development of innovations in products or services, with potential for growth abroad.

The focus countries for the development abroad are: United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea and Slovenia.

Startups operating in the following sectors were selected to participate:

  • ICT - with preference for: blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber security, Industry 4.0, fintech;

  • Automotive and Robotics - with preference for: batteries and electric cars, autonomous driving, future mobility, mobility app like car rentals and related web services;

  • Medtech - with preference for: medical equipment and apps, life sciences;

  • Circular economy - with preference for: low carbon emissions, innovative materials and plastic substitutes.

The startups then began the training course structured as follows:

1st PHASE - in Italy- specialized classroom training course addressed to the management of the start-ups to provide the skills to sustain a fast and lasting growth in international markets, optimizing the profitability of the business.

2nd PHASE -abroad- startups are placed in selected incubators for months abroad.  

The ITA Chicago office has the honor of hosting 5 startups within the Sente Foundry and mHUB incubators.

The five startups are:

  1. Getastand -

  2. Hooro -

  3. MarkOne -

  4. Nextis4us -

  5. Wego -